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Cremation Services

Considering Cremation?

Create a modern memorial for your loved one’s remains.

It’s not surprising if you are. More and more families are choosing cremation, and we know that each deserves only the best in cremation services. We’re proud to say that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose McCullough Funeral & Cremation Service. Why? Because we’ve got years of experience serving area families just like yours. And in every case our goal has been to exceed their expectations.

When You're Looking for Affordable Simplicity

When You're Looking for Affordable Simplicity 

Then turn to us. We provide our clients with affordable direct cremation options, with a distinct difference. Unlike many wholesale cremation providers...

- We will come to your home to review and complete all paperwork.

- We will pick-up and transport your loved one to the crematory from the hospital, nursing home, or private residence at any time of the day or night. They will be treated with respect, and compassion.

- We have strict identification and verification processes in place to ensure that the cremated remains you receive are those of your loved one.

Many families choose our $1,450 cremation package. Yes, it’s affordable, but because they know that we can be trusted with the care of their loved one, they have something priceless: true peace-of-mind. If you’re interested in this direct cremation option, please call us at (773) 488-8900 today.

It's Not Just about Cremation

It's Not Just about Cremation

After all, cremation only has to do with how you choose to care for the physical remains of a loved one. Here at McCullough, we know firsthand that caring for those left behind is equally as important. And that means finding a way to create a meaningful ceremony, one which celebrates the unique life of their loved one, in the perfect way. We offer our families a wide variety of wonderful ways to share memories, to express love and hope, including:- Tribute Videos- Memorial folders- Release of doves, balloons, or butterflies at the close of the service- Planting of memorial trees- Unique cremation jewelry and keepsakes

How We Will Exceed Your Expectations

How We Will Exceed Your Expectations

It’s simple, really. We listen closely to your needs, and your desires. We offer our best suggestions, and then follow-through with the highest level of attention to all the details of the cremation and remembrance arrangements that you set in place. We’re responsive to you, every step of the way.

Design a Cremation as Unique as The Life Lived

Call us now, to make your pre-need cremation plan, or call us at your time of need. We will be proud to serve you.